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5 Ways To Make A Lasting First Impression At Interview

  • february 23,2015
  • Dave Rigby
  • Boosting Your Interview Chances

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Here at, we are firm believers in doing everything you can to ensure you stand out from the crowd at your interview.  Whilst giving great answers to interview questions obviously plays a major part in that (and should of course be the main deciding factor), it’s always useful to know you’ve done your best to make an amazing first impression.

Interview answers aside, here are some great tips for you to help make sure your interviewers don’t forget you as soon as the door closes behind you:

Wear Something Striking. By this, we don’t mean gaudy or downright tasteless: we mean something that, whilst entirely suitable for the interview, is also eye catching enough to make it memorable - when they are discussing you after the event, you’ll be easily recalled because of your memorable attire. A sharp unusual tie for men, or maybe an unusual coloured / patterned scarf for women could do the trick.

The Double Handshake. We all know a solid firm handshake is appropriate for meeting your interviewers. However, have you ever thought shaking their one hand with both of yours could work even better? To do this, simply follow the usual steps for the common handshake with your right hand, and then clasp your left hand over their right hand too.  This will give your interviewer the impression you are friendly, approachable and warm and really does add a personal touch.

Your Smile! We know that nerves can get the better of many of you as you walk through the interview-room door. Those few steps as you walk towards your interviewers are vital for making your first impression, so beforehand practice your best, beaming, lovely smile. Be careful to ensure this doesn’t look like a grimace, and make sure your eyes are looking at those you are meeting when you walk towards them.

Use your Interviewers' names. When being interviewed, a great idea is to be able to respond to questions and discussion points using the names of your interviewers.  This will make the discussion feel much less formal, and will please your interviewers no-end as they will form the impression you are talking to them personally, rather than simply answering a series of questions.

And finally, ask them challenging questions! An important part of any interview is showing that you know something about the Company, and that you want to know more. So, if you can come up with relevant questions about the company, its values, ethics, business strategy or market position, you will go a long way. Interviewers will see from questions like these that you’ve a real interest in their business, and that shows enthusiasm, which they should like!

If you ever need help before an interview, don’t forget to give Our Bob’s team a ring.  We can be reached on 01772 633854.

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