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How To Include Your Skills On Your CV

  • february 23,2015
  • Dave Rigby
  • Improving Your Job Chances

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We all want to make sure our CV sells us in the right way to the recruiters who are considering whether to hire us or not, so we need to make sure the key skills we have are described to the right level of detail. 

There are various ways you can include your skills in your CV, but you need to get this right! Here are the choices, to help you decide which is the best for you:

1. Briefly naming your skills in an introductory paragraph, or bullet point list at the start of your CV. 

If you have a large number of skills to write about in your CV, sometimes this is the best option.  Simply setting them out at the start of your CV lets recruiters know about the skills you claim to have. However, it is important that you back this up within the detail of your CV, i.e. the career history section, so that recruiters can see the evidence of your skill in relation to specific work. 

This option is great if you don't have plenty of space to spare on your CV (bearing in mind you need to try to keep it to around 2, or maximum 3 A4 pages)

2. Outlining your Skills, with supporting evidence, individually 

This option enables you to name each of your skills in a small header in a separate skills section at the start of your CV, and then explaining each of them with the detail of how and where you have demonstrated them within 3 or 4 lines at most for each skill.  Providing this information up front in your CV helps recruiters see at a glance what you are capable of. 

This option is perfect where you have accumulated some amazing skills, but you can't necessarily cover them in the descriptions of your most recent roles, or where these skills have been developed outside of work, e.g. in a personal capacity, where it would not be appropriate to include the activity in another section of your CV. 

3. Keeping them within the Career History

Many candidates choose not to have a separate skills section within their CV, but instead rely on the job detail to cover the relevant skills.

Again, there is nothing wrong with this approach, however please ensure:

  • The information you include about each of your previous positions includes some of the main key words relating to your skill, e.g marketing, communication, leadership, project management etc. This way, if a recruiter uses CV scanning software, or is adept at skimming CVs personally, these key words will be noticed
  • Make sure the task or role-related information relating to your skill includes some of the relevant detail about the work you did so recruiters can see the extent to which you have demonstrated a specific skill in the past.  

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