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How To Set Up Your Job Alert Emails

  • february 23,2015
  • Dave Rigby
  • An Easy Way To Find Your Next New Job

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Job hunting can be a tiresome process.  There are so many places to find job vacancies that you stand a chance of missing out on a great opportunity, simply because you don't know where to find the right job for you! 

Email Job Alerts are a great way to make sure you see as many relevant vacancies as possible, with the minimum of effort.  Many job sites offer a job alert service, with the majority sending you emails about jobs on their own site.  This means you'll only see jobs from that job site, so you'll be restricted to seeing vacancies which have been posted only by those employers and recruiters who choose to use that site to recruit for staff. 

Here at Our Bob, we offer a service which sends Email Job Alerts to registered candidates from a number of job sites, including jobs listed here at . 

Before you sign up for your job alert, you need to be clear about the types of job you wish to see coming through. Typically, the information you need will be: 

  • Your email address
  • The location of where you would like to work.  (A post code is the best way to ensure your alerts are as specific as they can be location-wise.) 
  • Your preferred job title / search criteria.

Job alert services generally work on the principle of best match. This means you should use a preferred job title which generally is a well known / commonly used title, rather than anything very general such as:

  • Any
  • Part-Time
  • Full-Time
  • No experience needed

We do see these types of alert being set up, but this means job alert data coming through to you will probably not be very relevant. 

To define your job title for search criteria, think of the specific title, or words usually used to describe your ideal job, so that Email Job Alerts are as relevant as they can be.  Great examples include: 

  • Administration
  • Warehouse operative
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales representative
  • Apprentice
  • Human Resources
  • Operations Manager
  • Call Centre Advisor

Email job Alerts you receive will then come through first with the exact matches for the title you have selected, and then any other jobs will be included which could be a partial match, for example if you have selected 'Call Centre Advisor' you'll see 100% matched jobs first, and then may see 'Call Centre staff', 'Call Centre Team Member' and 'Call Centre Operations'. 

It's easy to set up a Job Alert here with Our Bob.

All you need to do is go to , fill out the very brief form and we’ll make sure we start your email service the following working day. If you are successful in finding your new job, or want to cancel your service, you can simply click on the unsubscribe link in the email to stop them coming over. 

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