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What Do Your Interviewers Really Want To Know?

  • february 23,2015
  • Dave Rigby
  • What Hiring Managers Are Looking For At Your Interview

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Have you ever planned for an interview by putting yourself in the shoes of your interviewer, and wondering what it is they'll be looking for, from you, at your interview? 


Well, now's your opportunity to increase your chances of success at your next job interview! Read on to find out what your interviewer will be trying to find out when they talk to you: 

  1. Are you enthusiastic about the job? 

Whilst skills and experience are of course massively important, you need to make sure you look like you are very interested in the job itself.  Enthusiasm can come across in many different ways in your interview, such as:

  • How positively you talk to your interviewers about yourself and your skills and experience
  • How positively you react when your interviewers tell you about the job and the Company
  • How positively you talk about your previous roles and past employers. This will give the impression you are a loyal and committed employee.
  • Your facial expressions during the interview, especially your ability to smile :-) 
  1. Do you have the right personality type for the job?

Interviewers will want to make sure you fit in. On that basis, be yourself! This way employers can work out if your personality is a good fit for the work you’ll be doing and the team you’ll be working in!

Don’t try to be someone you’re not! Just relax, be yourself, and let your own personality shine through when you are chatting.

  1. Do you have the right skills for the job?

This answers to this can come from so many different types of question, but remember the following and you can’t go far wrong (especially given that you’ve already been granted an interview):

  • You might not have all the right skills, but you’re going to find the best way to show how suitable you are
  • Turn up with examples fresh in your mind of work you’ve done in the past which shows your relevant skills
  • If you don’t have relevant examples, think of examples which show a similar skill or aptitude
  • Be able to demonstrate in the interview what your ability to learn is like, with examples of how quickly you’ve picked up a job / task or skill in the past
  1. How successful were you in previous jobs?

Your interviewers will be keen to know what your achievements were in previous roles.  On that basis, you need to turned up armed with examples of:

  • The tasks / work you have completed in the past that you are immensely proud of
  • The difficult work you have managed, or problems you have encountered and overcome at work
  • How you have developed your career through building on successes in previous roles
  • The individual contributions you have made to team and / or Company success in previous jobs.

Preparing for your next interview based on the above will really help you focus on what’s important.  Remember, preparation for any interview is key to ensuring you stand a great chance of getting the job!

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