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Take The Pain Away From Your Job Hunt

  • february 23,2015
  • Dave Rigby
  • Job Alerts By Email

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Holiday periods, and the weeks following them, are amongst the best times to apply for jobs in the UK, when many recruiters assess their staffing position and advertise a new batch of jobs.

That said, with the large number of jobsites out there now, it’s difficult to know where to look for the right job! You can easily miss out on some great opportunities just because you didn’t look in the right place.

To make sure you haven’t missed out on your dream job, and that relevant jobs are brought to your attention without you having to trawl through lots of job searches, simply register for job alerts by email here with Our Bob!

We’ll send you a daily digest of the most relevant jobs, with the links to apply, and better still, they’ll be from some of the UK’s most prominent and popular job boards including ours. This means you’ll be unlikely to miss out on the opportunity you want! 

To register, simply click here: HERE and leave the rest to us!

If you won’t want to set up a job alert, search for a new job now by clicking HERE!