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Why do recruiters always want Graduates?

  • 08/06/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Improving Your Chances

We see so many jobs out there which apparently require a 'Graduate' for the job - someone who has a degree, and sometimes not even in any specific subject. We know candidates can find this very frustrating, and we understand why, because graduates generally do have what seems like an advantage over others when it comes to job applications.  Firstly, let's understand why employers are so specific about candidates having a degree qualification: 

Employers know that someone with a …

What to wear for your next interview....

  • 27/05/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Dressing For Success

Your interview is your one and only chance to make a fantastic first impression, so you need to make sure you hit the mark with your apparel.  The moment you walk through the door into the interview room is when your interviewers will start to form a judgement on your ‘fit for the job’ – and all they have to go on at that stage is your appearance. You can’t afford to get it wrong!

For a formal interview…

We always suggest that a suit is necessary for a …

Holes in your CV?

  • 24/05/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Dealing With Career Gaps.

Many of us will have times during our career when we weren't working - there can be a whole host of reasons, including parenthood, redundancy, travelling the world, or even just taking some time out (as well as being unable to find a new job!).  Whatever the reason is, the last thing you want is for your potential future employers to see it negatively.  On that basis, you need to make sure you refrain from making any statements which don't shed a positive light on your stint away …

Whats the right format for a CV?

  • 21/05/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • The Search For The Perfect Resume...

There are so many different opinions out there about what the perfect CV should look like - which section should come first, how many pages, what font size, etc etc.... 

The right answer? There isn't a right answer, in terms of format at least. The main principles, however, that everyone should follow in terms of a CV are: 

  • The format should make sense, i.e. it flows in a way which engages the reader
  • It should be a document which is easy on the eye, i.e.
    • it doesn't …

Made Redundant? Stay positive!

  • 19/05/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Keeping Yourself In The Job Market.

If you've been made redundant or are facing redundancy, you could also be faced with a whole host of emotions which can have the effect of stopping you from finding a new and rewarding position. It's vital that whatever your reaction to the loss of your job, you stay as positive as you can, especially when your job hunt starts. A few key pointers are as follows: 

  • Don't dwell on the past. Whilst you could have all sorts of issues around the reasons you lost your job, it's …

Top Tips for Job Hunting

  • 12/05/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Improving Your Chances

As it's such a sunny day, we thought we'd share a few job-search-enhancing tips for you to ponder while you're sat in the beer garden having a cool wine / beer / frappe. When you're back at your desk tomorrow, you can put these into practice: 

  1. Make sure your CV, or the application form you complete, demonstrates what a great fit you are for the job you want.  It’s all well and good having a glowing CV, but does it reflect the skills and abilities the recruiter is …

How to get a foot in the door...

  • 24/03/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Improving Your Chances

The majority of employers advertise their jobs with that age-old phrase ‘experience required’. Not surprisingly, they want people who can hit the ground running and perform well from day one in the job.

For candidates who are keen to follow a certain career path, many struggle to get to the first rung on the ladder simply because they don’t have the experience recruiters are looking for.  It could seem as though all the qualifications in the world won’t help if …

You've seen your ideal job, but you're missing a skill. What to do?

  • 23/03/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Increasing Your Chances Of Success

So you've just seen your dream job advertised online.  Reading through the job spec, you realise there is one essential skill you can't demonstrate.

Should you apply and hope for the best? 

We think so - so long as you take the advice we've set out below. 

1. Firstly, make sure you fully and clearly demonstrate your skills in all other aspects of the job, whether that's in your CV, or in the recruiter's application form 

2. Then, outline what you know about the …

Been Sacked? How will you get a new job?

  • 23/03/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Getting It Right!

A small minority of us will have, at some point, been dismissed from a job and will have to admit, it was our fault. But, we have to / want to / need to work, so what do you do about getting another job when your last employer gave you the boot? Here are a few things to think about: 

  • If it was a very brief job, some may think we can leave it off our CV altogether. Beware - there are many ways of new employers finding out, e.g. if they see your P45 with your previous employers name …

The CV to beat all CVs.

  • 10/03/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Getting It Right!

Every now and again we see CVs come in which we think are a shining example of how they really should be written, and today we’ve seen a good few! We thought we’d share with you some of the key principles all CVs should ideally follow:

  1. A CV should be a short document – ideally 2 but up to 3 pages maximum (recruiters will give up reading when they realise your CV is printed on half a ream of paper!). If you have additional information to include, such as a publication …