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Updating your CV when you want a Career Change

  • 09/03/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Improving Your Chances

If you’ve decided you want your career to take a different route, and are now applying for jobs which are nothing like those you’ve been doing in the past, have a read of our advice below for changing your CV to increase your chances of success:

  • Primarily, you need a CV which shows recruiters you are capable of being successful in their role. So, as a starting point, make a note of the skills and experience you would need in your chosen career path
  • Against each of the …

The Importance of Refreshing your CV

  • 06/03/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Improving Your Chances

Almost everyone knows how important having a great CV really is.

Whether you’re a graduate looking for your first decent position, a student thinking about your future career or you’re simply looking for a career move, it’s vital that your CV reflects a number of important facts about you.

It’s a great idea to refresh your CV fairly frequently, especially if you aren’t having much luck with your job search. If you haven’t changed jobs for some time, a …

Mothers Day: CV Advice for Working Mums (and all other parents)

  • 06/03/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Getting It Right!

As it’s Mother’s Day, we thought it would be appropriate to put something out there for those working mums who are thinking of making a career move, or getting back on to the career ladder. (Of course anything we say below could apply to any working parent.)

We all know that working mums need a great number of skills to be able to balance work and family life. Those skills, which you might not even have thought about, should always be reflected in your CV so that potential …

Monday Blues: on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

  • 01/03/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • It's Time To Move

OK, so Mondays are usually the days when, from our experience, people are out there looking for a new job. The Monday blues kick in once you arrive at your desk / workstation / factory and you think ‘There has to be more to life than this….’

For most of us, those feelings go away by lunchtime and online job site traffic dies down – we’ve caught up with colleagues, been productive, enjoyed our interactions with clients and job satisfaction has kicked in again. …

Removing your Age from your CV

  • 28/02/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Improving Your Chances

Since age became a protected characteristic, employers know that they can’t take it into account when recruiting unless there are ‘objectively justifiable’ reasons (which are actually quite hard to find!). Saying that, some of us think age is a factor employers still consider (even if it’s subconsciously) when deciding who to interview.

If you think the same, here are four tips to hiding your age on your CV:

  1. OK, so maybe it’s obvious - do not include your …

Your CV: a Record of Achievement, not a List of Duties

  • 28/02/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Increasing Your Chances Of Success

We still see many people thinking their CV should be a long list of their past jobs, and the duties those jobs involved. As far as content goes, an element of your previous job detail is important, but more important is what you achieved in those jobs.

Potential employers will of course be interested in where you have worked before, so your CV should reflect that, and also a summary of the jobs you had, but a job summary is as far as it should go.

What’s more important is what you …

6 Reasons to Head Out for Lunch

  • 11/11/2015
  • Dave Rigby
  • Taking Time Out

We've all seen it - colleagues who sit at their desks from 9 ‘til 5 without taking a lunch break. Their usual excuses: 

- I've too much work to do

- I've got to get this thing finished

- I'm not hungry

- My boss will think less of me if I'm not here when they need me

We could go on and on. For us, lunch breaks are vital, and every employee should take advantage of the time they can take away from their desk / the office. Here are some reasons why: 


Candidate Tips: Unemployed and Looking for Work?

  • 28/10/2015
  • Dave Rigby
  • How To Achieve Better Results

If you’re out of work, signing on, and spending your days looking for work on every jobs board going, then here are a few handy hints when it comes to applying for your next role:

·      Make sure you give the impression you actually want that job

·      Ensure your cover letter / CV shows the recruiter that you have the skills they are looking for, but if not, see below

·      Make …

Candidate Tips: How to Write your Cover Letter

  • 23/10/2015
  • Dave Rigby
  • Helping You Get The Job

Many jobs advertised require you to submit a cover letter with either your CV or application form.  It’s not always compulsory, however we would suggest that if the recruiter is simply asking for CVs, you include a cover letter as well.  

Cover letters can be a really useful element in the selection process, because they:

·      Let employers see a more personal side of you, rather than just a brief CV which might not cover some of the …

Why am I not getting any interviews?

  • 19/10/2015
  • Dave Rigby
  • 3 Points To Think About

Do you have a success rate of ‘0’ when it comes to getting an interview? Wondering why you’re still trawling the jobs boards for another opportunity? Here are some of the possible reasons why (excluding your ability to do the job), including some which might give you a little comfort that you’re possibly not personally at fault:

1.    Firstly – the Competition

Most candidates will have no idea who they are up against when they are applying …