Job Credits with Our Bob

Here at we want to give recruiters a simple way of advertising their vacancies, with a simple pricing structure.

The simple way our credits system works, once you have purchased some, is as follows:

  1. If you go through the online process at to post a job and you have any credits in your account, then instead of being directed to pay for that job, a credit for your posting will be deducted from your overall credit balance.
  2. If you don’t have credits in your recruiter account, when you go through the process to post a job you’ll be directed to purchase one credit.
  3. Unused credits do not expire in your account with This means you can use them as and when you need to, and still benefit from the amazing savings you can find on our offers page here.
  4. If you have opted to purchase our unlimited package, then you won’t see any credits in your account, although you’ll still be able to post jobs up until the end date of your unlimited posting deal.