Employability Services

Our Employability Services can be accessed by, and delivered to a wide range of people. These include students at any level of study, individuals who are job-hunting, or indeed those being supported by charitable organisations to help improve their lives and career prospects.

Our specific services are set out below:

CV Development

Working in groups of up to 10 to understand the basic role of the CV, defining the information to be included and the terminology they should be using to enhance their chances of being noticed by recruiters. This interactive half-day session enables individuals to discuss their career plans, and develop a CV which is fit for their chosen path.

One to one services are also available as a follow-up to this session, which will give individuals the opportunity to access professional expertise when completing their own CV.

Interview Coaching

Some individuals will have had limited exposure to realistic job interviews, and this can make the prospect of their first or next one quite daunting. In a group setting with up to 10 delegates, over the course of a half-day, we will provide delegates with realistic interview practice, ensuring that they are able to understand the different types of interviews, the best way of responding to questions, and how to deal with difficult scenarios.

We will provide feedback throughout this session so that delegates can start to develop their own interview techniques. They will also develop an understanding of the role of the interviewer.

Again, one to one services are available as a follow-up to this session for individuals who need some additional help.

Completing Application Forms

So many organisations now rely on competency based application forms, and to the inexperienced, these can be very off-putting. Understanding what employers are looking for can be difficult, and this can limit the chances of success for many individuals who may not grasp the true concept of competency based recruitment.

We can work with groups of up to 10 individuals to ensure they fully understand how to present themselves in a competency based application form, and increase their awareness of how their own experiences can be turned into valuable examples for these application forms. This can be done again in a half- day session with up to 10 delegates at a time.

Bespoke Services

We can develop a package for your organisation which best suits your need, and budget. Packages can focus on any or all of the services we offer, and will be tailored to meet the needs of the groups of individuals you identify as needing additional support.

How do we book?

To talk to us about using our Employability Services, just call us: 01772 633854