Hiring New Staff? Need Quality Rather Than Quantity?

  • february 23,2015
  • Dave Rigby
  • Recruiting For New Staff - Getting The Best Results.

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Hiring again? Want to bring some real talent into your team, without having to trawl through thousands of applications? Then read on: 

When you are looking for new staff, you'll want to advertise in the best places; places where your jobs are guaranteed to get the right level of attention. So, make sure your candidate attraction strategy is right for the job.  Then, hope the applications start coming in! Many recruiters judge the success of their adverts by the numbers of applications they receive from different sources, but sadly not the quality of those applications.  

We've a few useful tips to make sure your candidates are all of the right quality for your job: 

  • Firstly, make it clear in your advert who you are looking for - the skills, qualifications and experience they need for your job
  • Secondly, make it just as clear that candidates who don't meet those essential criteria will not be considered for the job
  • Then, let your candidates know you want their CV in order to consider their application.  A cover letter alone won't do! Some jobs portals allow for just a cover letter, or a simple few words, to express an interest in a job. We don't see that as a real application! 
  • Be firm if you are also looking for a cover letter - not one line of text, but a professionally written letter which reflects a candidate's reasons for applying, and what they can bring to the party (and also shows their level of written communication skills!)
  • Finally, have a clear statement in your advert (especially if it's online) confirming you won't consider anyone for the job who doesn't have the right to live and work in the UK.  All jobs boards see applications from overseas / non-EU candidates for jobs they shouldn't be applying for - the earlier in the process you put those people off, the better!

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