Hiring new staff? Need Quality rather than Quantity?

  • 23/08/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Recruiting For New Staff - Getting The Best Results.

Hiring again? Want to bring some real talent into your team, without having to trawl through thousands of applications? Then read on: 

When you are looking for new staff, you'll want to advertise in the best places; places where your jobs are guaranteed to get the right level of attention. So, make sure your candidate attraction strategy is right for the job.  Then, hope the applications start coming in! Many recruiters judge the success of their adverts by the numbers of …

Making Sure your Perfect Applicant Accepts your Job Offer

  • 10/08/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Improving Recruitment Processes

Many of our recruiters have faced that disappointing situation when they’ve advertised the job, shortlisted, interviewed and found the perfect candidate, and all of a sudden the candidate throws a spanner in the works, walking away from the offer. 

If you want to increase your chances of getting your perfect candidate on board, read our tips below to see what you could do differently:

Help the Candidate Engage with your Company

During the recruitment process, you should be …

5 Great Reasons to Advertise Jobs Online

  • 02/08/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Reaching More Candidates For Your Vacancies

In today’s jobs market, many recruiters are finding it increasingly challenging to find the right staff.  The once-popular jobs pages in the local papers are no longer as successful simply because of the reducing lack of interest in reading the ‘paper’, so employers are having to look for candidates elsewhere.

Many recruiters have taken the leap from print to online, but some are still wary of the perceived pitfalls of online recruitment.  There can be a downside …

Lazy Candidates?

  • 27/07/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Helping You Recruit New Talent

Dealing with lazy candidates…..  

Many recruiters receive job applications from candidates who, on the face of it, don’t appear to have made much of an effort.  We see things such as CV applications with no cover letter, CVs with a sparse career history, and even out of date CVs with no evidence of any career for the past few years.

What are your initial thoughts?

Like most recruiters, you’re probably inclined to think ‘They’ve not made an …

Struggling to find new Staff?

  • 19/07/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Growing Your Own Talent

Are you struggling to find new, specialist staff?

There are many organisations who, despite their best efforts, are struggling to find the right new recruits.  They can advertise on every job board, in the press, social media and elsewhere in the hope they’ll find those people with the right experience to come in and hit the ground running.

Some employers have to accept – despite their best efforts, they will continue to find it a struggle.

Growing your own Talent

Recruitment Processes: Are you using the right one?

  • 06/07/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • CVs, Application Forms Or Online Applications?

We all want a good selection of candidates to apply for the jobs we advertise, and more importantly, we want high quality applications.   If you’re not getting the results you need, have you ever wondered if your application process is the right one for you?

There are 3 main processes recruiters tend to use nowadays (not including the use of recruitment agencies), these being:

  1. Submission of a CV and cover letter

This is probably the easiest and most common …

Preparing to Interview for new Staff - 7 Easy Steps

  • 06/07/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • How To Prepare For Interviewing Your New Recruits


Decisions to make, questions to ask, and the fear of getting it wrong can make interviewing a daunting process to be involved in. After all, the costs involved in recruitment can be substantial; hiring the wrong person can be very expensive, especially if you don’t realise until the new hire has started work with you.

We’ve set out 7 steps for you to follow next time you’re faced with the prospect of hiring new staff, in the hope that your interviews go well, and …

Using your Website to Attract new Staff

  • 04/07/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Recruitment

If, like most companies, you have a website to showcase your product(s), have you thought about its role in showcasing you as an employer?  Bearing in mind one of the first places a potential candidate will look for information about you is online, it's key to ensure that you use your site in the best way possible to help the recruitment process. Of course, you'll be focused on ensuring your site attracts customers, but attracting candidates can be just as important. 

We thought …

Developing a Successful Apprenticeship Scheme

  • 30/06/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Recruitment - Getting It Right

Finding and keeping the right apprentices for your company can be difficult. Challenges can come with attracting apprentices, and in working out how to run an apprenticeship scheme effectively.

As you’re probably well aware, apprenticeship schemes can be a great way of employing people. They can produce well trained employees that are likely to stay with your company for years to come, if managed correctly. Such schemes give apprentices a great opportunity to land on two feet and start …

Keeping Discrimination out of Job Adverts

  • 30/06/2016
  • Dave Rigby
  • Recruitment - Getting It Right

With the level of legislation in place to prevent discrimination in the workplace, it can be difficult to understand what is expected of you as an employer and very easy to word something that might be interpreted as discriminatory in a job advert. Hopefully by the time you have read through this article, you will better understand the main do’s and don’ts.

Direct and Indirect Discrimination

All forms of discrimination can be sorted into two different categories, direct and …